Helpful Tips for Long-Distance Grandparents

There are few things in life more enjoyable and rewarding than being a grandparent. One of the most important aspects of being a grandparent is maintaining a strong connection with your grandchild. This may be simple for grandparents who live near their grandkids, but it becomes tricky if you live far away. Check out four great tips for long-distance grandparents.

Schedule Regular Calls and Video Chats

If you live in another state than your grandchildren, the easiest way to stay in touch is by having regular calls or video chats. This can include phone calls, Facetime, and more. Schedule a certain day and time that you contact your grandchild to catch up. 

This gives you a chance to find out what’s going on in their life and watch them grow up, even from afar. It also helps you get to know grandchildren you may not be able to spend time with frequently due to distance.

Engage in Social Media

Social media has become a primary way to stay in touch and remain up-to-date on the lives of your friends and family. It is especially helpful for grandparents who live far away from their grandchildren. 

Being active on things like Facebook or Instagram allows you to see what’s going on in your grandkids’ lives and show them what you’re up to as well. It can also give you insight into who they are and the kind of things that interest them.

Organize Visits to Your Independent Living in Sarasota

One of the best ways to stay connected to your grandchildren is by having them visit your home. If you live in assisted or independent living in Sarasota, you can invite them to visit and spend time with you. 

Those in Sarasota assisted living may want to venture out and spend time at a local park, restaurant, or other fun places to make memories. For young children, this can be an exciting opportunity to explore new places while building a bond with you.

Set Up a Playroom or Kid’s Space

A great way to strengthen the bond with your long-distance grandchild is by giving them a home away from home. When they visit your home, create a certain space that is all theirs. This may include a playroom that has some of their favorite toys. You can also set up a bedroom for them that will make them feel comfortable. This will help them feel at ease and happy when spending time at your home.

3 Tips for Adjusting to a New Independent Living Community

One of the trickier things to do in life is move to a new location. This is especially true for older adults who are moving into an independent living community. Seniors who have been living in their homes for many years may find it hard to adjust to their new independent living area. 

Knowing a few easy tips and tricks can help you get acquainted with Sarasota assisted living or independent living communities.

How to Adjust to Independent Living in Sarasota

Moving into any new living situation can be difficult. The following are three tips for adjusting to independent living in Sarasota.

1. Join Any Community Groups

Most independent living communities offer a variety of groups for residents to join. This can include groups for fitness, arts and crafts, reading, and other hobbies. If you have a particular interest, try joining a group that you find exciting. 

Some of these groups offer weekly meetings or monthly events. This is where you will meet like-minded residents and become more acquainted with the members of your new neighborhood. Participating in community groups or activities can help you feel more at home and connected to your fellow residents.

2. Explore the Amenities and Services

Independent living facilities offer a wide selection of amenities and services for their residents. These include fitness centers, educational programs, dining options, and housekeeping services. Many communities also offer health services, transportation options, and wellness programs.

When you move to a new independent living facility, explore some of the amenities and services that are available to you in your community. Not only will this help you meet new people but it will also make you feel more comfortable and well-adjusted in your new home. 

3. Invite Friends and Family to Visit

Few things will make you feel more at home than spending time with friends and family. If you’ve just moved to an independent living community, invite some friends or family members over to see your new home. 

This gives you an opportunity to share your new living space with the people you care about. Having loved ones around will also help you feel more comfortable in your new location.

When your loved ones visit, you can also venture outside of the neighborhood to explore local aspects of your community. This includes nearby dining, entertainment options, and more. This will give you the chance to see all that your new area has to offer.

How to Care for Someone with Dementia

Becoming a caregiver for someone with dementia can be rewarding — and challenging. The CDC estimates that over 5 million Americans are living with dementia. As a result, many people have been thrust into a caregiver role. 

Regardless of whether someone serves as a sole caregiver or the duties are shared by many others, caring for someone with dementia can be unpredictable and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are resources in Tallahassee, FL, that can help.

The 3 Stages of Dementia

Dementia tends to progress over time from mild to moderate and then severe. 

1. Caring for Mild Dementia

Those with mild dementia may struggle to remember names, words, and new information. In the early stages, maximizing independence while offering support with new challenges is essential. 

A care plan for someone with mild dementia should include the following:

  • Create and keep a set routine 
  • Write down and keep track of appointments, events, and to-dos
  • Create a system for remembering to take medications or perform tasks
  • Keep meals consistent and familiar
  • Use a shower chair for additional support and to prevent falls

For those with mild dementia, the new need for help when performing everyday activities may be frustrating, so finding ways to keep their lives consistent is critical for maintaining their autonomy.

2. Caring for Moderate Dementia

As dementia progresses to the moderate stage, the person affected may struggle with judgment, sensory processing, and physical functioning. They may develop issues with inappropriate statements and poor personal hygiene. Many patients with moderate dementia begin wandering. 

Caring for a patient with moderate dementia requires some changes in the home. For safety and comfort, caregivers should consider the following:

  • Removing throw rugs to prevent tripping
  • Installing safety latches and locks
  • Bringing a commode into the bedroom for easy access
  • Ensuring all rooms have good lighting
  • Considering location devices or other helpful technology

When a patient moves to the moderate dementia stage, caregivers should consider employing professional help. If you haven’t already, begin researching palliative care solutions and Tallahassee memory care.

3. Caring for Severe Dementia

Patients with severe dementia may have substantial memory loss, low mobility, and bowel and bladder control issues. Often, full-time care is necessary. 

Unfortunately, few caregivers can safely care for a loved one with severe dementia in their home. Locating quality assisted living in Tallahassee, Florida, can ease stress and ensure your loved one’s security.

When to Look for Tallahassee Memory Care

One of the most critical aspects of caring for someone with dementia is knowing when to ask for help. Unfortunately, many caregivers become so focused on their patients that they forget to meet their own needs. 

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to transition a loved one’s care to professionals. Trusting an expert to take over 24/7 care will enable you to make the time you have left with your loved one more meaningful and enjoyable.

Does Alzheimer’s Affect Men and Women Differently?

Alzheimer’s disease is a common neurological condition that touches millions of people in the United States. This progressive disorder affects the brain and alters cognitive abilities. Its symptoms include memory loss, difficulty speaking, and inability to function.

While Alzheimer’s is diagnosed in both men and women, does it impact one gender more than the other? Find out how Alzheimer’s disease affects men and women differently.

How Alzheimer’s Impacts Men and Women Differently

Alzheimer’s disease does not affect men and women in the same way. Scientists know some of the reasons for this difference, but others are unclear.

It Is More Prevalent in Women

The biggest way that Alzheimer’s affects women differently than men is in its prevalence. Women are disproportionately diagnosed with the disease compared to men. An estimated 5 million people in the United States are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and 3.2 million of them are women. 

The exact reasons for this are unknown, but there are several theories. One idea is that women tend to live longer than men. 

Most cases of Alzheimer’s are diagnosed in the late 60s and 70s. Since women are more likely to reach this age, this imbalance could be reflected in the number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. However, researchers believe that factors besides age also contribute to the difference.

Some studies suggest that the reason more women have Alzheimer’s than men is due to differences within the brain itself. There may be structural differences within the brain that could increase the risk of cognitive decline in women.

There Are More Female Caregivers

While Alzheimer’s is often thought of in terms of the patient, it is important to remember the role that caregivers play. Women are far more likely to be caregivers to someone with Alzheimer’s. 

Whether they are a family member or professional care provider, most people caring for Alzheimer’s patients are female.

Alzheimer’s Care While Independent Living in Sarasota

Have you or someone you care about been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that requires ongoing care. 

Finding a high-quality Sarasota assisted living facility can help you or your loved one with the care they need. If they are in the earliest stages of the disease, they may be able to stay in independent living in Sarasota with professional caregivers who visit the home. Find out more by exploring senior living resources.

What to Do If a Senior Won’t Bathe and How to Help Them

As seniors age, sometimes they exhibit sudden changes in their behavior that can be difficult to address. One common example of this is not bathing. There are many factors that can contribute to a sudden hesitation to bathe, and sometimes family members and professionals need to step in to address the issue.

Whether a senior is living independently or enjoying assisted living in Bradenton, Florida, keeping up a hygiene routine is critical for physical and mental well-being

Reasons a Senior Won’t Bathe

There are many reasons why a senior may express a sudden hesitation to bathe. They may be experiencing: 

  • Pain when in the shower or tub 
  • A fear of falling on slippery surfaces in the bathroom
  • Mental health challenges, such as loneliness, depression, or anxiety
  • Forgetfulness and other cognitive symptoms

Seniors can experience one or several challenges that impact their desire or ability to maintain a bathing routine.

How to Help a Senior Who Won’t Bathe

If you notice that a loved one is experiencing anxiety about bathing or is simply skipping out on daily grooming activities, it is important that someone intervene.

Seniors don’t simply stop being interested in daily grooming activities; usually, it is caused by an underlying problem. Take the time to talk to your loved one to understand what is going on and how the issue can be addressed.

Another way to help is to seek help from a medical professional. If the senior is experiencing mental health challenges, a doctor may be able to prescribe medication or recommend therapy to alleviate some of the symptoms. 

Finally, ensuring the senior has the care they need can often address gaps in everyday grooming activities. Having a caregiver available to assist seniors with daily activities like bathing can make a huge difference in the senior’s quality of life.

Senior Care in Assisted Living in Bradenton, Florida

For seniors who are struggling with daily activities, Sarasota assisted living can be a good solution. Caregivers in assisted living can provide the support that seniors need. They are also trained to identify signs that a senior is struggling with fear, mental health, or an underlying medical condition. 

With a little attention from a loved one, seniors can get the help or care they need to get back on track with their normal bathing schedule.

The Loneliness Epidemic Among Aging Adults: What’s Causing It?

Retirement and the later years of life should be a time spent exploring hobbies and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, this time also comes with challenges and isn’t always perfect. 

One of the biggest challenges facing aging adults is developing feelings of loneliness. Feeling lonely as a senior adult is more common than people may think, even for seniors with a seemingly active and social lifestyle.

Here are a few contributing factors to the loneliness epidemic.

Changes in Social Circles

Through working years, adults have natural opportunities to socialize with others and make new friends. These opportunities no longer exist in retirement, and seniors must rely on their existing friendships.

Over time, friendships can fade, and it can be hard to make new friends. In addition, friends and family members may pass away, creating a shrinking group of people that seniors can socialize with.

Fewer friends and family means less social interaction, which can quickly lead to feelings of loneliness.

Changes in Mobility

Several health issues can cause changes in mobility for seniors. Even for perfectly healthy seniors, aging joints and bones can make it more difficult to easily get around like they used to. Limited mobility can make it more difficult to get out of the house and meet up with friends or participate in regular activities. 

It can also contribute to lower self-confidence, making seniors less likely to seek out new friends or activities. Seniors with poor mobility often find themselves at home most of the time, which often leads to loneliness.

Reliance on Technology

We know that socializing virtually is not the same as socializing in person. However, we still tend to rely on technology to communicate with people we care about. Phone calls, video calls, and text messages often replace face-to-face conversations.

Even when seniors regularly interact with friends and family through technology, it doesn’t have the same effect as meeting in person and can still lead to a gap in needed social interaction.

Keep Loneliness at Bay at Independent Living in Sarasota

Seniors who live alone are more likely to develop feelings of loneliness. Moving to independent living in Sarasota can be a good option for seniors who lack needed social interaction.

With regularly scheduled events, wellness programs, and friendly neighbors nearby, Sarasota assisted living and independent living provides a true sense of community that helps keep feelings of loneliness at bay.

Showing Off Your Style in Senior Living Facilities

Sarasota assisted living is a great option for Florida natives who are looking to enjoy their golden years in a thriving community full of friendly, like-minded people. 

As you’re considering your options between facilities for assisted and independent living in Sarasota, you may be wondering how you can live your most authentic life and continue to flaunt your personal style as you transition into a brand-new living situation.

How Your Light Can Shine at Independent Living in Sarasota

There are so many factors that make up your personal style and flair, and many of them have to do with the ways you spend your time and interact with others. Luckily, independent living facilities in Sarasota tend to offer a wide variety of amenities, programs, and lifestyle choices to make you feel like your most fabulous self each day.

Enjoy a Night Out with Restaurant-Style Dining

There’s nothing like a night out on the town at an upscale restaurant. What if you could access top-quality dining conveniently within your assisted living community? Make a statement with a stylish outfit or bold accessory as you enjoy incredible restaurant-style dining just minutes from your front door.

Show Off Your Suit at the Swimming Pool

Depending on the region, some residents of independent living have to wait until the summer months to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. As a Florida citizen, however, you know how warm and pleasant the weather can be year-round. All of the best assisted living facilities in Sarasota offer heated pools for your comfort, even on the occasional cold day. 

One of the best ways to express your personal style is sporting a unique, flattering swimsuit on a day at the pool, whether you’re swimming laps or simply soaking up the sunlight. At assisted living facilities in Sarasota, the perfect pool day is just a few steps from your home and is available all year round.  

Support Mind, Body, and Spirit with Wellness Programs

When your overall health is supported from the inside out, you can truly shine and be your best, happiest self. 

As you’re settling into your independent living community in Sarasota, don’t hesitate to check out any and allwellness programs that are offered, such as physical fitness, lifelong learning classes, social events, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Your personal style will shine through as you do the things you love and support your health and happiness!

3 Fun Ways to Bring Color to Your Living Space

If you’re enjoying independent living in Sarasota, one of the most important things you can do to feel comfortable for the long term is to personalize your space. Your living space in an independent living community should feel like home and should bring you joy and comfort.

A great way to brighten up your space and make it more joyful is through the use of color. Here are 3 fun ways to bring color to your living space.

1. Furniture

When people think of bringing color into a space, they often think of painting the walls or using wallpaper. But color doesn’t have to be quite so permanent. Bringing in some colorful furniture is an easy way to add a pop of color without overtaking your space. 

Best of all, it’s a lot easier to replace a couch or chair than it is to repaint your entire living area.

2. Rugs

Rugs are sometimes overlooked as a source of color, as most people elect a neutral hue when choosing them. However, a colorful area rug can tie a room together and transform the entire feel of the design. 

Even better, rugs are affordable, even if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking to add color to your Sarasota assisted living space overnight, consider a colorful rug. 

3. Bold Art

Instead of painting or hanging wallpaper, an easy way to dress up your walls with some color is through art. Sarasota is home to several art galleries and local artists who produce visually stimulating pieces full of vivid colors. 

Brighten Up Your Space in Independent Living in Sarasota

Sarasota is a wonderful place to enjoy your retirement. Whether you spend a lot of time in your living space or stay busy with activities, your personal space should be a haven. Adding color to your interior design scheme can transform the whole feel of the space and create an exciting, inviting place to come home to.

Congratulations To Our Volunteers and Team Members Of The Year

We’re beginning our celebration of Westminster Communities of Florida’s Volunteers of the Year and Team Members of the Year! Over the next two weeks, beginning on Wednesday, we’re holding recognition banquets in Tallahassee, St. Petersburg and Orlando to celebrate these individuals. Be on the lookout for our announcements of the winners prior to each banquet, and fun photos from the event itself.

Congratulations to all the amazing people who make Westminster Communities of Florida a great place to live and work!

Volunteers of the Year

Team Members of the Year

How to Help Aging Adults Find a Sense of Purpose

While aging adults often have more time to dedicate to hobbies and the things they like doing, the transition to retirement isn’t always a smooth one. Particularly as children and friends move away, aging adults can begin to struggle to find a sense of purpose.

There are several ways that friends and loved ones can help aging adults avoid aimlessness and find motivation.

1. Encourage Creativity

Retirement is a great time to explore new interests and foster creativity. Creating art or otherwise engaging in expressive activities can help relieve stress and act as a mood booster for seniors. Creating also helps seniors feel like they are working toward a goal and contributing something to the world.

2. Help Them Develop Daily Habits

Having purpose in life doesn’t always have to involve big things like raising kids or achieving career goals. Purpose can be found in small, mundane actions like exercising every day or trying a new recipe once a week. Daily habits are important for seniors living alone and for those in independent living in Sarasota

3. Look for Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to find purpose. Most communities have ample opportunities to get involved, whether it is donating time serving meals, walking dogs, or cleaning up parks. Volunteering can be a small commitment done once a month or a big part of a senior’s life.

4. Help Them Find Groups

Social connection is one of the most important pieces of maintaining health as an older adult. Finding a group to spend time with that allows for connection and common understanding can be a very effective way to maintain purpose.

Sarasota assisted living offers endless opportunities for social connection and involvement in groups through resident-run activities, offsite activities, and more.

Finding Purpose in Independent Living in Sarasota

Sarasota is a wonderful place to retire in peace while also maintaining a sense of purpose. With so many vibrant senior communities and activities for retirees, Sarasota residents live life to the fullest during retirement.

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