The Importance of Telehealth for Seniors in Bradenton Florida Assisted Living Communities

When seniors make the move into assisted living communities in Bradenton Florida, they realize the value of conveniences like dining, activities, and social groups. But another convenience quickly emerging is the use of telehealth services for medical care.

Telehealth Services 

After 2020, assisted living communities quickly adapted to keep residents healthy and safe. The option to use telehealth medical services in Bradenton Florida provides a level of safety by offering consultations remotely, but it also offers convenience for seniors who often are frustrated by the time wasted traveling to and waiting in doctors’ offices. 

Convenience Of Telehealth For Assisted Living In Bradenton FL

Doctors and nurses can meet with patients through a video chat or audio call instead of going in person, when applicable. While this was a necessity during 2020 to limit exposure to infection, the practice is becoming more widely accepted as a safe, convenient way for seniors to receive medical care. When asked if they are comfortable communicating with healthcare providers through email, text, or video, 70 percent of respondents said they are comfortable with this remote access to a provider instead of seeing them in person, according to a survey by the American Hospital Association. The survey on the use of telehealth nursing services also revealed that 76 percent of the respondents said they give a higher priority to access to health care than a desire for in-person interaction with a medical provider.

Telehealth Offers More Interaction With Patients

As the health care community turns more to telehealth options that connect nurses and doctors with patients, Bradenton assisted living communities will benefit from the convenience and more personalized service this new method of medical care will provide. While telehealth doesn’t eliminate the need for some doctor visits, the service will provide residents an opportunity to check in through video and audio calls. A few items you can use telehealth appointments for are discussing prescriptions, lab work, routine updates on chronic conditions, and discussions about diagnostic tests. Nurses and Doctors will likely have more time to focus on individual patients during telehealth consultations because they are not as rushed to clear a lobby filled with waiting patients and have fewer office distractions interfering with the visit.

All in all, utilizing telehealth appointments to replace some of your in-person doctor visits could have its benefits. If it is a routine check-in about an ongoing issue, maybe a quick video call will save you time and make it more convenient to talk to your doctor on a more regular basis. 

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