Assisted Living Right to Privacy: Your Protections as a Resident

Assisted Living Right to Privacy: Your Protections as a Resident

Transitioning to assisted or independent living can be uncertain, especially if you are transitioning from living independently in your own home. Understandably, many seniors considering independent living in Sarasota are concerned with the privacy they will have in their new community. 

While each community has different rules, some universal rights apply to residents.

The Right to Modesty

Modesty is important to everyone, particularly independent living residents who may get extra assistance with rehabilitation and therapy. No resident should be subjected to being left uncovered or getting help with private services in front of other residents or an open window or door. 

All residents have the right to modesty and privacy regarding any assistance they receive while in the community.

The Right to Be Notified

Residents in independent living communities have the right to be notified before staff enters their residence. Depending on the specific living situation, sometimes there will be very few times staff must enter a residence. Staff may enter daily to help with cleaning and cooking in other situations. 

Whether the visit is planned or unplanned, residents have the right to be notified before staff enters the residence.

The Right to Private Communication

Communicating with loved ones is critical for Sarasota assisted living and independent living. The privacy of that communication is just as critical. Residents have the right to send and receive private messages to friends, family, doctors, and others outside the community. 

This means that staff may not intercept mail, read emails, or listen to phone calls. It also means that the community cannot do things like only installing telephones or video calling equipment in public spaces.

The Right to Private Visits

Many independent living facilities provide ample opportunity for guests to visit residents. Sometimes visitors prefer to spend their time with residents in common areas, but sometimes, private visits may be more appropriate. 

All residents have the right to have privacy with their visitors. That means the community may not put any restrictions in place that may inhibit the ability of residents to meet privately with friends or family that come to visit them.

Independent Living in Sarasota

Sarasota is one of the best places in the country to consider independent living. The pleasant climate, friendly seniors, and ample opportunities to stay active create a wonderful environment. Rest assured you can enjoy your retirement when you decide on independent or assisted living in Sarasota.

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