Learn More About Occupational Therapy At Bradenton, FL Independent Living

Throughout April, we celebrated National Occupational Therapy Month — but here at Westminster Manor’s Bradenton, FL independent living community, we’re passionate about this field all year long! We’ve seen firsthand the myriad ways occupational therapy can transform lives, and are proud to offer these services as part of our person-centered care programs.

Just read on to learn more about the power of occupational therapy, and how it can be part of you or your loved one’s enriching experience here at Westminster Manor.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

There are many different types of rehabilitation and therapy you might take part in at Westminster Manor, depending on your needs — from speech therapy to physical therapy and more. So, what exactly is occupational therapy best for?

Occupational therapy is all about helping people’s ability to complete everyday independent tasks — think activities such as eating, grooming, small household chores, and other things that help us function at home. You might have heard this term used by a doctor as part of continuing care due to an injury or ongoing medical condition.

Occupational therapy can also involve using new, specialized devices that help with those tasks. This type of therapy can look different for everyone based on their unique needs, treatment timeline, and other factors. But no matter what your specific situation looks like, you can count on occupational therapy to help you progress toward as independent a lifestyle as possible. That’s something to feel good about!

Why Westminster Manor Is The Ideal Destination For Occupational Therapy Needs

Now that we’ve talked a bit about occupational therapy, you may be wondering what makes Westminster Manor the perfect place to start your program. One of the great things about calling Westminster Manor “home” is that occupational therapy doesn’t have to be a service you attend every week — it can be a seamless part of your everyday life, offered right in the same community you live, laugh, and play in. After all, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes with having your care team located so close to home. (Then again, if you prefer outpatient services, we provide those as well! Our main focus is helping you take meaningful steps toward the life you want to live — whether you’re a resident at Westminster Manor, or live in the surrounding area).

At Westminster Manor (and our Westminster communities located across the Sunshine State), we proudly operate My W Life wellness program — which is designed to promote overall mind-and-body health. This includes key pillars such as physical, social, and emotional health — and of course, occupational therapy can be a major part of this!

For example, when you use occupational therapy to help you complete day-to-day tasks like getting dressed or putting away laundry, you’re helping achieve a peaceful, independent household. When you keep a clean kitchen or put together a beautiful meal for friends, you’re promoting social connections that make you (and your loved ones!) feel truly fulfilled. As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways that the right occupational therapy can enhance your life beyond the purely physical.

Plus, your occupational therapy program can be done in tandem with other care services you may need (or may already be receiving). That’s another welcome perk of Westminster Manor — our person-first philosophy helps us find services that fit your vibrant, one-of-a-kind life. Not the other way around!

We hope that today’s guide has helped you learn more about occupational therapy, and its role here at Westminster Manor! Please get in touch today to see how our services can support you or your loved one — we’re here to help.

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