On the Fence? How to Choose Between Assisted Living and Independent Living in Bradenton Florida

Often, the search for effective senior living can leave older adults and their families questioning what type of community best suits their needs. Independent living facilities typically offer a wide variety of life enrichment programs and freedom from typical household maintenance while assisted living provides extra support and care for seniors needing more medical supervision.

At Westminster Manor, we are proud to offer both kinds of communities to older adults in Bradenton, Florida. Before deciding which one is the right pick for you or a loved one, dive in with us to better understand the similarities and differences between them.

Getting to know independent living communities

Independent living communities are a great option for 55+ seniors seeking freedom from the menial chores of homeownership. Our staff handle lawn care, appliance repair, trash removal, and more so that each resident is free to enjoy their most beloved hobbies and activities. We nurture all interests through a plethora of life-enrichment activities, including painting, swimming, and playing. In addition to this, here are some other reasons to choose independent living!

  • We believe that in order to be well, you must consider your body, mind, and spirit. We take this approach to heart and it manifests as our My W Life well-being program! By offering a plethora of activities focused on eight dimensions – physical, lifelong learning, nutritional, social, emotional, spiritual, vocational, and community – our residents can maximize their well-being.
  • Older adults often expand on their circle of friends at independent living communities thanks to abundant opportunities to meet new people and embark on group outings to local attractions with their new friends.
  • We offer scheduled transportation and coordinate with residents to help them get wherever they need to go in a timely and safe manner.

Understanding assisted living facilities

In addition to all the benefits available in independent living, assisted living facilities are equipped to lend a hand with activities of daily living, such as grooming and bathing, to ensure the health and safety of each resident. Though these communities help with personal care and daily tasks, they are still different from nursing homes where residents usually have more complex medical needs. Here are some of the services generally found in assisted living facilities:

  • Support for personal care, including getting dressed.
  • Housekeeping, waste disposal, laundry, and maintenance.
  • Accommodating special diets with nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

In addition to these benefits, our assisted living communities also include extensive outpatient therapy services for physical, occupational, and speech needs. Residents of our assisted living facilities enjoy convenient treatments so that they can get back to their favorite household activities or outdoor recreation in no time. When combined with our My W Life program, premier care is never far away.

No matter which community you choose, Westminster Manor in Bradenton, Florida is the ideal location for older adults to thrive! A full array of services and healthcare options lay a strong foundation for your future here, where we offer something to support you through all of life’s many transitions – from active, independent living to assisted living, therapy, and more. Find out how life at Westminster Manor can benefit you by contacting us today!

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