4 Delicious Spring Recipes for Seniors in Bradenton FL Independent Living

Now that spring has sprung, there is no time like the present to do a little spring cleaning and healthier eating! Though it can be challenging, small dietary changes make a big difference in health. Maintaining a diet of healthy foods throughout all phases of life is crucial to maintain weight, manage and prevent diabetes, and even encourage brain health. With warmer weather and fresh food coming into season, spring is the ideal time to swap our processed foods for fruits and veggies! Read on to learn how to best enjoy some fresh foods this spring!

Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are more than just a place to find the freshest produce, they are also a hub of people who are the most knowledgeable and care the most about foods. Produce that grows on trees or vines, like apples, pears, and grapes, may be too involved or too inaccessible for those who grow some of their own fruits and veggies at home, but they can be found ripe and ready at a farmer’s market. While you’re there shopping, you can also pick the farmers’ minds for valuable information about their produce.

Pick Your Own Adventure

What can be even more fun than stopping by your local farmer’s market is going straight to the source! Plan a day trip to learn more about the process behind cultivating these plants, plus you may get some oranges or apples fresh off the tree to bring home with you. With all these options for fresh ingredients available, here are some incredible springtime recipes to try out!

  • Spring Green Frittata: Frittatas are a versatile dish that can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner but we recommend starting your spring day with this fulfilling dish! Fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese accent green spring vegetables in an easy dish that can be on your plate in just 25 minutes.
  • Creamy Chicken Apple Salad: Fresh spring apples find their way right from the tree to your plate in this dreamy salad. Easy to prepare but packed full of good nutrition, this dish has plenty of protein from chicken, fiber from apple, and healthy fat from walnuts. Consider whipping this together if you have extra chicken!
  • Lemon Grilled Fish on Grilled Asparagus: Looking for a perfect weeknight spring dish? A few healthy and fresh ingredients come together in this bright, fulfilling dinner! There is nothing quite like flaky fish and a quick sear with some simple seasoning and lemon juice is sure to pack a punch of flavor.
  • Classic Tangy Lemon Bars: This seasonal favorite is the perfect sweet note to end a springtime meal on. The zesty, smooth lemon filling pairs excellently with a crumbly crust that will leave you wanting more! This puckery perfection is a great way to put some fresh spring ingredients to use for an unforgettable dessert.

At Westminster Manor, we recognize the importance of gourmet dining and healthy eating which is why our residents enjoy delightful dining among friends! Indulge in restaurant-style table services offered for all three meals of the day. You are sure to love our delectable, fresh, and healthy selections guided by the philosophy of our exclusive My W Life wellness program. Enjoy life with a strong foundation for your future at Westminster Manor – simply contact us to learn more!

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