How to Maintain Holiday Traditions During a Move to Assisted Living

Moving to a Bradenton assisted living facility doesn’t have to mean giving up the family traditions that are important to you, especially holiday traditions.

Even though many things are changing in the world today and giving up a home that you lived in for many years is difficult, the holidays can still be a time filled with love, laughter, and new memories.

1. Send Holiday Cards

Everyone loves getting mail, and holiday cards and letters are a special seasonal highlight. Sending cards to friends and family is a meaningful gesture that will help break the ice and open conversations.

For some people in assisted living facilities in Bradenton, the holidays are a lonely time. Their family members and closest friends may live miles away. Receiving a holiday card from a “neighbor” can mean so much at this time of year.

When you’re planning your card list, don’t forget the staff, especially the individuals who have been extra helpful during your transition to a new home.

2. Maintain Spiritual Observances

Most assisted living facilities in Bradenton to make it easy for residents to attend religious services throughout the year, as holiday observances are considered especially important for many people. 

Ask your staff about transportation services to your place of worship for holiday services. Your assisted living facility may also arrange non-denominational services on-site to accommodate those with mobility issues.

Participating in the religious traditions that have sustained you year after year will help you adjust to your new surroundings during the holiday season.

3. Help Deck the Halls

Busy staff can always use some extra hands to help decorate and prepare for special holiday events. If you can, help decorate a tree or take charge of lighting the menorah at your assisted living in Bradenton, Florida.

4. Participate in Holiday Events

No doubt your new assisted living facility will host various holiday events, from craft-making and caroling to gift exchange and more. 

Take part in these events as much as possible — even those based on traditions that are different from yours. If you play the piano, volunteer to play at the holiday sing-along. If you are a talented crafter, help organize a holiday-themed project for everyone to participate in.

5. Make a Request

If there is a unique tradition you would like to carry on while in assisted living, talk to the activity’s director or other staff members about it. Staff members are always looking for fun new ideas to enhance the services and amenities at their facility. You may help start a new tradition that brings smiles for years.

Enjoy the Holidays in Bradenton Assisted Living

Adjusting to a new living situation is difficult at any time and even more challenging during the holidays. If you’re planning a move to one of the assisted living facilities in Bradenton, your holiday can still be filled with the traditions that make this time of year special. 

Don’t hesitate to jump in and take part in the fun your facility is already planning. Adding one or two of your own traditions into the mix will enhance the season for everyone, including yourself.

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